From a gloriouspast tothe futureof fashion


Xi’an is a unique blend of tradition and modernity. It is the oldest of the Ancient Capitals of China, home to the world renowned Terracotta Army and the historical Gateway to the Silk Road. Today, with a multi-ethnic population of nearly 13 million, Xi’an has emerged as a vibrant city with a world class research and development district, the Xi’an Hi-Tech Industries Develop Zone, where some of the world’s top enterprises have established their presence.

The city’s historic and cultural heritage has always had close ties to the world of fashion. As Gateway to the Silk Road, export from China of the precious fabric was the most lucrative trade. Centuries later, Xi’an is positioning itself as a regional hub for international and Chinese fashion entrepreneurs, designers, buyers and innovators.



The project originates from the strong commitment of its partners: Xi’an International Community (XAIC), Tande Real Estate and CHIC Group, through its affiliate company Xi’an International Fashion Town Operation Management Co., to drive innovation and growth opportunities for new talents and brands.

According to its mission statement , Sino-Italy Fashion Town offers the most dynamic and innovative platform to thrive in a constantly evolving fashion scene* for regional, national and international creative talents, brands and fashion tech companies.

The Town, a remarkable complex of 3.1 square kilometers, was planned to provide the ideal ecosystem for creative talents and companies.



Sino-Italian Fashion Town is located in Xi’an International Community (XAIC) – a new functional district approved by Xi’an Municipal Government extending over a land area of 18.72 square kilometer that comprises an ecological area. Driven by the 3 T pillars of Technology, Talent and Tolerance, the district is a pioneer model of ‘international metropolis’ urban development which provides world class residential, health care, education and entertainment solutions. Through a multi-disciplinary approach, innovative technology and strategic planning, XAIC aims at achieving the harmonious coexistence between human beings and the surrounding space, offering the ideal ecosystem for the growth of business exchanges and of a multi-cultural, healthy and wealthy community.


Besides the great role played by e-commerce technologies in providing a platform for fashion startups to reach a wide target of consumers at lower costs, technology is also becoming a catalyst for the increasing personalization of fashion and beauty solutions. Sino-Italian Fashion Tech Observatory aims to find answers to the slowdown of traditional retail by setting itself at the forefront of a fashion revolution.

Located inside the XAIC and Xi’an Hi-Tech Industries Development Zone, the Fashion Town is equipped with state of the art facilities and has a team of expert consultants.


Learning is regarded as key at Sino-Italian Fashion Town.

With a view to the next few years, Xian has put forward the ambitious target of creating a first league education system for fashion innovators. An innovative learning base to equip Chinese and overseas students with the skills and experiences required to succeed in this ever-changing industry.

Education through pollination system combining Design, Art, Innovation, Anthropology, Technology, Environment and Social Responsibility is a way to understand and re-shape the “New” Fashion Industry.